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CHALMERS or Chalmers University of Technology is one of Sweden’s larger universities of technology, located in Gothenburg on the west coast of Sweden. It is a non–profit foundation with a staff of approx. 2000 persons, 1900 students, and a total income of 200 million SEK per year. Sustainable transportation is one of the strategic Areas of Advance. CHALMERS’ particular domain of expertise concerns in this case the relation between human and technology, and complex socio-technical systems. CHALMERS has substantial expertise in the methodology for user requirements elicitation and evaluation of new technical solutions (products, services, systems); and design of human-machine systems incl. HMI design and usability. CHALMERS has been participation in a long series of R&D projects on ICT in transportation and has, in addition, been a partner in a number of European projects, including e.g. EBSF, SMARTFREIGHT, TeleFOT, FESTA, FOT-Net, Quartet Plus, TARGET, and MAESTRO.

Role in the project

CHALMERS is a Partner in WP7 and WP9 with particular responsibility for the evaluation of the Gothenburg experiment site.

WP7 – Evaluation
WP9 – Management

Key contributions

CHALMERS’ main contribution involves the tasks in WP7 – Evaluation. This includes contributing to the task of defining the evaluation methodology including the definition of key performance indicators, survey design, sampling plan, etc., conducting the ex-ante study in Gothenburg, evaluating the data quality, and conducting the ex-post evaluation in Gothenburg.