CRTMConsorcio Regional de Transportes de Madrid (CRTM) is the Madrid Region Public Transport Authority. It was founded by Madrid Regional Government under Act in 1985. The responsibilities of CRTM cover the management and planning of the public transport network and services, the establishment of an integrated frame framework for the system and the creation of a global image of the transport system for the entire region and associated municipalities, which accounts with more than 6.5 million inhabitants. 

During the last years Madrid Region Public Transport system has turned into a world reference by organising a truly integrated public transport system. Thanks to this model, several ambitious plans have been implemented, resulting in doubling the metro network in 15 years, building 5 major interchange hubs to connect suburban modes with the urban modes, the renewal of bus fleets towards greener vehicles and the implementation of new technologies, among others. All in all the quality service, accessibility, safety and security and information to passengers have improved enormously. 

CRTM experience in European projects is quite wide since the creation of the company. Looking after the exchange of experience with other cities and regions and a clear bet on sustainable mobility, CRTM have been and still are involved in the following projects: EBSF (European Bus System of the Future), SECURED (Secured Urban Transportation), INVOLVE (Involving the Private Sector in the Mobility Management), 3iBS (Intelligent, Innovative, Integrated Bus Systems) or NODES (Innovative design and operation of new or upgraded efficient urban transport interchanges).

Role In The Project

CRTM has been working for several years in a Mobility Management centre in Madrid Region. This centre helps to achieve technological integration and thus guarantee interoperability between the different systems and operators. The overall aim of these actions is to improve coordination in real time, and support decision-making process among different stakeholders involved, especially in case of incident or major events. 

Key contributions

CRTM is the WP3 “Decision Support Tools” leader and have a very important role in WP4 “Traveller Information Services”, being a Case Study in WP6, with the aim of improving the management of the whole PT system in Madrid and the information to passengers. CRTM plays a very important role in other WPs as well.