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CSI-PIEMONTECSI (Consortium for Information Systems) - Piemonte is a large ICT organisation specialised in projects for the Public Administration sector, with more than 30 years of experience, 1,200 employees, over 100 Public stakeholders and a turnover of €150 M per year.

CSI-Piemonte is a unique ICT player in Europe in the field of public services and the largest Italian ICT company developing eGovernment projects. CSI-Piemonte operates in almost all the fields covered by public administration activity.


Role In The Project

WP6 “Experimentation” leader, CSI-Piemonte defines and manages the overall experimentations framework and coordinates the Torino’s Pilot activities. Moreover it provides Web Services related to Torino’s test bed and develops software components for the Decision Support System (DSS) and the Traveller Information System (TIS). 


  • WP1 Data Creation and Use: Activation of new data flows supporting soft modes and inter-modality.
  • WP2 Open ITS systems: Multimodal network and soft modes services for Torino’s Open web services
  • WP3 DSS: Contribution to the development of the DSS (multimodal network map)
  • WP4 TIS: Contribution to the development of services about soft modes (carpooling)
  • WP6 Experimentation: Coordination of the entire Experimentation process of the project and of the Torino’s Pilot.

Furthermore CSI - Piemonte participates to the evaluation activities (WP7), the dissemination activities (WP8), the project management activities (WP9) and the technical coordination activities (WP10).

Key contributions

CSI Piemonte is responsible for the draw up of the Common Experimentation Methodology Report and supports the Cities in the Local Experimentation Plan preparation, aiming to enable the trials of the OPTICITIES tools. 

Furthermore CSI Piemonte monitors the progress of the experimentation activities in the different urban test beds and collects quantitative and qualitative results of the experimentations to be provided to the WP7 for the evaluations.