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EUROCITIESCreated in 1986, EUROCITES brings together the local governments of over 130 of Europe's largest cities and 40 partner cities, which between them govern 130 million citizens across 35 countries. It provides a platform for its member cities to share knowledge, ideas and experiences, to analyse common issues and develop innovative solutions. The EUROCITIES Mobility Forum currently represents some 80 leading towns and cities across Europe, committed to improving the quality of life of citizens by developing sustainable mobility policies and by stimulating a new mobility culture.

Role In The Project

EUROCITIES will lead the WP on dissemination and as such will develop core activities to present the results of OPTICITIES on the European scene. EUROCITIES will also participate in project management and technical coordination activities. 


  • WP8 – Dissemination
  • WP9 – Project Management
  • WP10 – Participation to technical coordination activities 

Key contributions

EUROCITIES will organise large and high level events, networking activities and will represent OPTICITIES at the occasion of external events and events of related projects, working on a connected issue. The team will also develop a dissemination strategy involving social media, media communication and internet coverage.