Ingeniería y Consultoría para el Control Automático (ICCA) is a SME established in Spain in 2005 with a significant background on Information Technologies and Communication related to Intelligent Transportation Systems. ICCA relies on a team of 40 highly qualified people educated on electronics, telecommunications and/or software engineering, distributed in its offices in Córdoba and Madrid. 

ICCA has participated with an important role in innovation programs powered by the Ministry of Development of Spain and the European Union and also has worked in collaboration with public transportation authorities for the definition, design and implementation of intelligent transport systems, infrastructure management systems, traffic data gathering, fleet management, passenger information systems, and fixed and onboard CCTV integration.

Role In The Project

ICCA is mainly in charge of the technical roles required for WP3 “Decision Support Tools”and WP4 “Traveller Information Services” as well as performing a pro-active role in WP1 “Data creation and use” and WP2 “Open Data Systems”. 

ICCA is also playing an important role on implementation and deployment tasks required to take this project into live at Madrid region for demonstration and evaluation packages (WP6 and WP7) and participating in Dissemination, Project Management and Technical coordination activities (WP8, WP9 and WP10).

Key contributions

ICCA is participating in the data collection and integration policies definition including a framework definition for the so different involved parties in Madrid region, and also in the Open ITS system definition focusing on Urban Mobility Portal with special focus on open SOA architecture to ensure the reusability and interoperability of project capacities. 

ICCA is responsible for the definition and implementation of decision support tools for multimodal transportation network in Madrid region with special focus on GIS driven data and control centre operations and technical leader for Madrid urban navigator design and implementation.