SPIESPIE is a European multidisciplinary group .

As independent European leader in the areas of energy and communication services, SPIE helps its private and public-sector customers to design, build, operate and maintain facilities that are more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. SPIE's more than 30,200 employees work from nearly 500 locations in 31 countries and in 2012 SPIE posted pro-forma turnover of €4.217 billion over its four strategic segments “Energies” (26%), “e-fficient building” (32%), “Smart City” (25%) and “Industry Services” (17%) and generated pro-forma EBITDA of €289.4 million.

Among the smart city segment, SPIE provides smart solutions for improving transport safety and flow, while reducing its environmental impact and has developed Open ITS Solutions. 

SPIE provides notably the following operational tailored solutions to operate and manage transport infrastructures: notably our Urban Traffic Management System Cité has been implemented in Lyon to ensure accurate and smooth-flowing traffic control in the City.

Role In The Project

SPIE will provide a traffic prediction tool interfaced with the Grand Lyon traffic management centre: CRITER. This will enable to provide the operator with a decision support tool to help him in assessing the impact of its decisions on the traffic. 

Key contributions

SPIE will provide a fully integrated prediction tool to Grand Lyon. The major task will be to design a complete traffic simulation on a city’s scale. Using this overall simulation, SPIE will be able to simulate in real time the traffic through the whole city. The operators will tests on line traffic scenarios to find the best traffic solution to use in a real situation. 

This decision tool will be completely interfaced with Grand Lyon traffic management system, making the decision tool easily usable for Grand Lyon operators.