The VOLVO group is one of the world’s  leading manufacturer of trucks, buses and construction equipment and drive systems for marine and industrial applications .




Role in the project

VOLVO is involved in the “freight mobility” part of the OPTICITIES project and therefore leads WP5 “Freight Information Services”, which also involves Grand Lyon, Wroclaw and Neurosoft. More specifically, VOLVO leads  tasks 5.1 and 5.2  and contributes to task 5.3 with Neurosoft and Wroclaw.

Volvo participates actively in WP6 for the experimentations of the relative services in Grand Lyon and Wroclaw, and in WP7 for the evaluation of the results.

Volvo is also part of WP2, WP8, WP9 and WP10.

Key contributions

In Task 5.1, Volvo will evaluate the coherence between passenger transport (EBSF) communication architectures and freight transport principles, and will develop the” truck identity card” as a support for the experimentations

Communication tools (integrated information system or smartphone) will be used in Task 5.2 for services developed in Grand Lyon such as delivery bay occupation or Green wave information.  

Volvo develops with Neurosoft and Wroclaw in task 5.3   the information-to-driver service for oversized vehicles and dangerous goods transport .Communication speed, with messages delivered through the central data base is a key driver for this last case.