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The overall aim of OPTICITIES’ dissemination framework is to promote the project, its mission and results to a wide group of stakeholders at European, national and local level. Through targeted activities, dedicated communication tools and appropriate communication channels, OPTICITIES wants to be a flagship initiative in Europe in the field of ITS. At the same time, the project wants to go beyond mere promotion and dissemination of results and encouraging actual significant breakthroughs in the optimisation of transport networks, innovative ITS services and strong public/private partnerships.

Getting dissemination right is crucial as it is the main way that the project communicates with the outside world. Without a strong emphasis on dissemination, project results and outputs remain unexploited, which would result in an inefficient use of European public funds.

The whole OPTICITIES team contributes to this dissemination work, ensuring that local authorities, private companies, European networks and universities engage actively in communicating and disseminating outputs and results. This also ensures an active involvement and participation of key stakeholders in OPTICITIES activities and events.

Finally, OPTICITIES fosters very strong links with European institutions, especially the European Commission and the European Parliament, as well as with European associations in the field of transport. This aims at ensuring a strong engagement and participation of European institutions and associations in OPTICITIES dissemination activities. These are absolutely key to ensure that OPTICITIES results and recommendations are taken into account in the design of European policies, especially in terms of ITS standardisation at EU level.