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OPTICITIES has been present at the following events:


OPTICITIES Study Visit #1Lyon (France)10th March 2016
ATEC French ITS forumParis (France)26th and 27th January 2016
ITS World CongressBordeaux (France)5 to 9 October 2015
UITP World Congress & Exhibition Milan (Italy)8 to 10 June 2015
General Assembly of the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and CommunitieBerlin (Germany)21st May 2015
ATEC French ITS ForumParis (France)27th and 28th January 2015
UMTC OPTICITIES-POSSE ConferenceBirmingham (UK) 2nd of December 2014
Polis Conference Madrid (Spain)27th to 28th November 2014
EUROCITIES Annual ConferenceMunich (Germany)5th to 8th November 2014
Action Cluster Kick-off Meeting Brussels (Belgium)9th October 2014
EUROCITIES Mobility ForumVenice (Italy)2nd and 3rd October 2014
ITS European CongressHelsinki (Finland)16th to 19th June 2014
Viajeo City ShowcaseGothenburg(Sweden)14th May 2014
TRA Conference Paris (France)16th April 2014
TRA ConferenceWarsaw (Poland)18 to 21 April 2016
OPTICITIES Tutorial session #2Madrid (Spain)27 April 2016
OPTICITIES Study Visit #2Madrid (Spain)28 April 2016
European ITS CongressGlasgow (UK)6 to 9 June 2016
OPTICITIES Tutorial session #3Glasgow (UK)8 June 2016
OPTICITIES Study Visit #3Birmingham (UK)8 July 2016