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Please find here the downloadable version of the first issue of the OPTICITIES Newsletter : OPTICITIES newsletter n°1.

OPTICITIES is a three year European project supported by the Directorate-General for Research and Innovation from European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme. The project involves 25 partners among  which  six  European  cities:  Lyon,  Madrid,  Torino,  Gothenburg,  Birmingham  and  Wroclaw.  The  consortium involves  service  providers,  car  industry,  research  laboratories  and  major  European  networks.    OPTICITIES kicked off in Lyon in December 2013 with the Mayor of Lyon, representatives from the six partner cities and all other partners.

OPTICITIES  intends  to  develop  and  test  interoperable  urban Intelligent  Transportation  System  (ITS)  solutions  to  provide  urban citizens with the best possible journey conditions and to optimise     urban logistics operations. Its ambition is to support European cities to  consolidate  all  local  transport  data  and  provide  it  through  a standardised gateway. This will contribute to optimising the urban mobility  services  and  system  as  a  whole  and  seeking  sustainable business models not depending solely on public funds.

In  this  newsletter  you  will  receive  updates  about  the  project’s progresses and activities with an editorial focus. Each issue will put one OPTICITIES partner city in the spotlight. We encourage you to stay informed and sign up to our newsletter on www.opticities.com and wish you a pleasant read!


Grand Lyon ITS programme coordinator, Urban Mobility Service and OPTICITIES Project coordinator

OPTICITIES  first  year  main activities:

  •        development  of  a  contractual architecture  between  private  and public actors for data access
  •        definition  of  a  European  standard for  a  multimodal  urban  dataset  and interfaces between public authorities, network  managers  and  service providers
  •        design  of  the  multimodal  urban navigator  providing  real-time information for all modes
  •        design  of  traffic  prediction  tools  and integration  into  traffic  management systems
  •        design  of  urban  freight  management optimisation services
  •        design of dynamic carpooling services based web 2.0 approach

Hot topic: Data Creation and Use

Data creation  and  use  in  OPTICITIES  engages  mainly  the  cities  of Madrid,  Gothenburg,  Lyon,  Wroclaw  and Torino,  involving  also  car industry and information service providers. Through different tasks and  challenges,  these  cities  aim  to  develop  innovative  systems increasing the availability and quality of the data representation.

Identified  measures  to  support  open  data  availability  will  lead to  recommendations  to  cities  and  to  propositions  for  policies establishing fair competition of digital transportation services. The work  conducted  in  this  area  will  therefore  provide  a  foundation for the rest of the project, particularly for the challenging task of creating a standardised urban mobility dataset. An inventory of the mobility data sets by each of the six partner cities has been performed to start activity in this field. Demonstrations for road work data creation will take place in Gothenburg by summer 2014, and freight data creation will be demonstrated in Lyon during the second half of 2014. A  public  report  for  contractual  arrangements  between  public  and private stakeholders for mobility data availability will be delivered by end of 2014. OPTICITIES will also deliver input to the European Commission proposal for regulation under the ITS Directive umbrella.

City in the spotlight: Lyon

Grand  Lyon  is  the  second  French metropolitan area covering 500 km² with about  1.3  million  inhabitants  and  seven million journeys daily. The city’s landscape is hilly and includes two rivers constituting natural barriers to urban transport. The aim of Grand Lyon’s transport policy is to support behaviour change, thus implying a  special  focus  on  traveller  information and  efficiency  for  transport  services. This  effort  in  terms  of  communication is  especially  important  considering  the multiplicity of operators and services. Lyon  has  been  providing  real  time information  for  most  of  its  transport services for the past ten years: road traffic, urban  and  local  railway  public  transport, bike sharing, and parking with most of the time  real  time  information.  In  the  past two  years  Grand  Lyon  has  implemented an ITS strategy to address mobility issues. OPTICITIES  constitutes  a  major  tool  to achieve this strategy.

The  next  step  will  be  to  coordinate  the different services to provide the user with a  complete,  door-to-door,  co-modal,  real time service. This will be launched during OPTICITIES project.