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Please find here the downloadable version of the second issue of the OPTICITIES Newsletter : OPTICITIES newsletter n°2.

Following a successful launch in 2013, the OPTICITIES project is now entering its second year. The main results are the definition of contractual arrangements to provide private parties with mobility data in order to foster new business models consistent with public mobility policies, and to define standards to access urban mobility data sets as a whole (and not only via a fragmented approach).

OPTICITIES is thus providing a significant input for increasing the potential of urban Intelligent Transport systems (ITS), with a public private cooperation strategy. Partners are working on the high level services development that will be tested end of 2015, to provide network operators and users (both individual and freight drivers) with advanced services to optimise urban mobility.

To exchange with mobility stakeholders on our vision and project results, OPTICITIES is also setting up a stakeholder forum: we hope to “meet” many of you there; in the meantime we wish you a pleasant read!

Hot topic: Data standardisation

The development of a standard and complete mobility data set for deployment of advanced multimodal services is a long-term goal of the project, and a real quest for urban ITS. It will constitute the OPTICITIES Multimodal Dataset integrating all transport modes, global geographical coverage and multiple time scales. The state of the art of mobility data in partner cities has been assessed.

Next steps consist in the design of a complete standardised framework of dataset and the way to access it, thus facilitating implementation of applications over cities’ systems. Eventually a set of public recommendations will foster interoperability among cities and urban mobility solutions developed in the framework of the project.

How to implement a win-win open data policy?
OPTICITIES proposals

OPTICITIES project aims at providing European Cities with a comprehensive approach to guide them into consolidating a local Mobility Data Set and making it available to third parties.

The goal of the cities involved is to improve urban mobility while fostering innovation and new business models for Multimodal Information Services. OPTICITIES partners have worked together to design an operational and balanced approach to European cities, to help them create a fair and efficient market ground for the development of innovative Multimodal Information Services.

The main points are free provision of mobility data to any parties, with secure contractual arrangements to ensure critical data compatibility with public policy and an open market avoiding monopolistic situation. The deliverable will be available in December on the OPTICITIES website.

OPTICITIES approaches and works on multimodality have been proposed to the ISO normalisation groups. ISO decided to initiate a normalisation process on these topics based on OPTICITIES’ proposals. OPTICITIES experts are responsible for the job, which represents a great achievement.


OPTICITIES latest developments

New tools for data creation in urban environment, management of road works data, creation of specific data for urban freight, multimodal data, web2.0 data: the first results of OPTICITIES will be available soon and will feed the high level information and network management services that will be developed in the first part of 2015. Reports will be issued soon on our website.


Stakeholder Forum

OPTICITIES Stakeholders Forum will be the main vector of public results dissemination. It will be launched soon on our website. Visit us there! More information and details available at

Featuring OPTICITIES at international events!

OPTICITIES project has been widely presented during international events in 2014, reaching out to ITS experts and stakeholders worldwide.

  • TRA Paris (14-17 April)
  • ViajeoPlus project City Showcase, Gothenburg (12-14 May)
  • ITS Europe Congress, Helsinki (16-19 June)
  • Transports Publics Exhibition, Paris (10-12 June)
  • APTA Expo, Houston - Texas (12 -15 October)
  • Smart City World Congress, Barcelona (18-20 November)
  • ITS World congress, Detroit (7-11 September)

If you didn’t have the chance to get a glimpse of OPTICITIES, don’t miss the next events where OPTICITIES will be present!

Next events:

  • ATEC ITS, Paris (27-28 January 2015). More info
  • UITP World congress, Milan (8-10 June 2015). More info
  • ITS World Congress, Bordeaux (5-9 Oct. 2015). More info


City in the spotlight: Birmingham

Birmingham is the 2nd most densely populated city after London. Even with high levels of bus use and the largest local rail network outside of London, Birmingham still suffers from a significant amount of congestion.

Early November 2014, Birmingham launched its Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan. This plan seeks to address transportation issues by increasing investment in innovative solutions. The plan aims to reduce car use to the extent that there will be no more cars on the road in 2031 than there are today, despite the population increase. A core theme of the strategy is to take advantage of new technologies to deliver this change. The OPTICITIES project will provide a demonstration of one of these technologies.

Birmingham has utilised Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and Real Time Information systems for over ten years and has been at the forefront of using Urban Traffic Management & Control (UTMC) systems for a similar time period. OPTICITIES allows us to build on this experience and our investment to date. So far we have brought our experience to develop the Data Creation & Use and Open ITS Systems work packages. Our principle interest in OPTICITIES is the development and use of a Decision Support Tool for Birmingham based on the use of Artificial Neural Networks that we expect to begin using in early 2015.