Grand LyonGrand Lyon conurbation covers an area of 512 km² with about 1.3 million inhabitants and is thus the 2nd French metropolitan area after Paris. As an economic centre of activity Lyon is equipped with the 4th busiest airport, 2 high speed train stations, a river port and many national and international companies. Two rivers run through the city and constitute -together with the hilly landscape- natural barriers to urban transport. Grand Lyon urban networks support 4 million journeys on a daily basis.

Lyon has been building major public transport infrastructure projects for more than 15 years, becoming the 2nd largest French public transport network after Paris, with namely 32 km of underground/subway lines, 39 km of tramlines, 1.248 km of bus routes (122 bus routes) and 19 park and ride facilities ensuring 900.000 journeys per day, i.e. a modal share of 15%.

Representative partner

Grand Lyon, via its urban mobility department, is in charge of the overall efficacy of all transport modes on the territory. Grand Lyon is in charge of urban roads management, multimodal information and the coordination with organisations handling the infrastructure, transport networks and services, and urban mobility information (public transport, parking, on street parking, free bike services, taxis).

Projects & key achievements : Grand Lyon is involved  in various ITS projects both national and European ones dealing with urban freight management and multimodal information : the most important ones are :Optimod’Lyon, Freilot, CityLog, Concerto, … . Grand Lyon has set up a very efficient traffic management centre, CRITER that will support most of the experimentations within OPTICITIES.

Role in the project

Grand Lyon, via its urban mobility department, is the coordinator of the OPTICITIES project. Grand Lyon is involved in all the project’s work packages (WP1 to WP10) and is WP9 Project Management leader. Grand Lyon is responsible for T1.2 “Contractual arrangements” and is task leader for the “Urban mobility portal” (T2.2).

Grand Lyon will coordinate the experimentations occurring on Grand Lyon area and will experiment most of the innovations planned within OPTICITIES.


WP1 – Data creation and use
WP2 – Open ITS System
WP3 – Decision support tools
WP4 – Traveller Information
WP5 – Freight Information
WP6 – Experimentation
WP7 – Evaluation
WP8 – Dissemination
WP9 – Project Management
WP10 – Technical coordination

Key contributions and experimentations

Grand Lyon elaborated a very ambitious experimentation plan focused on strategic technological breakthroughs:

  • ­Integration of 1 hour predictive data into traffic management tools
  • ­Implementation and experimentation of a standardised urban multimodal dataset
  • ­Plug of the Multimodal Urban Navigator on the standardised urban multimodal dataset
  • ­Interface of the Multimodal Urban Navigator with in-car navigation systems
  • ­Experimentation of real-time car pooling
  • ­Collection and consolidation of dedicated freight data
  • ­Implementation and experimentation of the Urban Freight Navigator

ACTRIS an associated partner of the Grand Lyon

 ACTRIS is an associated partner of the Grand  Lyon that helps the Grand Lyon with the freight  data collection.