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MadridMadrid City Council is the Corporation formed by the Mayor and the councillors who are in charge of the political administration of the city of Madrid. The guiding principle of the Environment and Mobility Department is to limit and reduce the number of cars within the city, without affecting the economic activity. The city of Madrid is working on this strategic objective through new parking regulations, restricted access areas, car-free districts, pedestrian areas, public transportation promotion campaigns (urban buses and Metro, user information services, etc.), promotion of alternative fuelled vehicles, soft modes promotion, and the optimisation of urban freight operations.

Representative partner

Madrid City Council participates in the OPTICITIES Project via two General Directorates depending on the Councillor in charge of Environment and Urban Mobility. Both Directorates are also assisted by members of the staff of the Madrid Public Transport Corporation. Madrid City Council intends through this organizational structure to explore suitable possibilities for a better and joint treatment of these elements: Environment and Mobility, stressing on the importance of Public Transport. All these are key issues in modern cities lifestyle as much today as in the near future.

The Directorate for of Urban Traffic Management and Control places at the disposal of the OPTICITIES Consortium its Traffic Control Centre, set up ten years ago, with all current data and experience gathered along this time.

Role in the project

Madrid City Council is part of the Madrid team for the OPTICITIES project. It will collaborate with CRTM and ICCA (other partners of the Consortium) to provide them information about traffic and special events (roadworks, special planned events, etc.).

WP1 Provision of information and integration with systems to be developed
WP6 Test the systems developed in WP1
WP8 Participation to dissemination activities
WP9 Participation to project management activities
WP10 Participation to technical coordination activities

Key contributions and experimentations

Madrid’s main contribution to the OPTICITIES Project will be to emphasize urban experimentation in mobility fields such as data processing and use on intensity of traffic data, integration of data related to vehicle traffic and pedestrian demands, analysing of public, scholar and worker transport focused on a better management for the city transit, experimentation on the functions and use of big urban commuting facilities already working in the city, etc.