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OPTICITIES will associate major cities, groups and SMEs at the forefront in these fields in Europe to develop:

  • Genuine multimodal solutions. For once ITS solutions will not be a juxtaposition of mono-modal approaches exclusively focused on public transport. Multimodal solutions will be based on reliable data for every mode and combination, with optimised end-user HMI, and will involved the car industry as well as public transport and soft mode actors. 
  • A contractual framework on data access and exchange policy allowing enlarged access to high quality data. This policy aims at amplifying the development of information services by centralising (or accessing local databases) and disseminating all private and public data available at the scale of the conurbation, in line with urban mobility public policies.
  • European interoperability of urban mobility data and mobility solutions. Based on an open ITS system, the standards developed in OPTICITIES will provide cost effective and seamless multimodal services.
  • Enhance network operators’ supervision capacity and management efficiency thus allowing for smart and adapted decision making processes.
  • Develop, try out and assess high-level innovative multimodal information and transport management services. These services will target transport managers, travellers and freight transport users or fleet managers.
  • Enhance users’ accessibility to mobility services through the display of coherent and highly reliable multimodal information.

Achievable objectives

  • Effectiveness: OPTICITIES will develop solutions with a deployment perspective of 3 to 5 years. Thanks to the association of public stakeholders in charge of mobility policies implementation and renowned ITS professionals accustomed with solutions deployment, OPTICITIES will deliver tangible and useful results.
  • Scalability: OPTICITIES will combine public, industrial and academic actors from different sectors looking forward to work on common grounds to develop solutions adjusted to each urban typology. The 6 cities representing 6 specific mobility situations and 6 experimentation fields will constitute the right theatres to consolidate adjusted solutions through a common approach.
  • Transferability: OPTICITIES covers a large typology of European cities and will develop and largely disseminate a set of recommendations to foster the deployment of the project results in European cities. Thanks to the involvement of influential networks representing excellence in sustainable mobility, OPTICITIES outputs will be largely disseminated towards targeted audiences.